Why purchase the professional products?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11

Today there are a variety of NaturallySpeaking versions to choose from.  There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical with its many specialty vocabularies for the various medical fields.  There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11 which also offers a specialty vocabulary and the ability to dictate legal citations.   There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 whose features are also part of the Medical and Legal versions.   Medical, Professional and Legal is for anyone who is serious about using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to become more efficient in their work.  Anyone who creates word processing documents and email will greatly benefit from Medical,  Legal or  Professional version 11!

What is the difference between the professional programs (including Professional, Medical and Legal) vs Premium which is only $199?  Answer: it’s the power to perform amazing feats with a single phrase.   Custom commands have the power to produce amazingly efficient documents.

Learn more about macros with the video below:

There are several other features but this is the most significant one for most users.   Using the professional grade programs one could use  custom macros to navigate the screen very quickly, change the format of the document and edit the text with simple two word, easy to remember commands.   A second major feature only available in the professional programs is called Delayed Edit.  It is the ability to dictate the document, save it and return another day to edit the document.  The reason this works so well is because the dictated audio remains connected to the text.  For those who don’t have the time to do their own editing this feature allows for an efficient way for the support staff to check it over and complete the editing!  Simply save the file, and make it available to the staff via network and the staff will not only see the text but have access to the audio (caution: there are a couple of settings for this feature that must be turned on).

Learn more about Delayed Edit with the video below:

There are a variety of other advantages to the professional programs.  Learn more about the features of each program by going HERE.

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