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TexTALK is an electronic medical record that works in conjuction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical.  Together these programs save the physician and their staff time.  Radically improve efficiency by using both of these products together.  Charts are kept in a TexTALK’s database that is easily retrieved.  Lookup the patience’s chart, once it appears one can review the patients chart history very quickly.  Outlines and templates are used to make it easy to complete the charts and standardized text can be a part of the template or added as a custom macro while the doctor is dictating. 

TexTALK EMR screenshot

Medical Language Models General Medicine, Urgent Care, General Surgery, Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Podiatry, Oncology, Primary Care, etc
HCFA and AMA Templates Speeds reimbursements by eliminating clerical errors.
Patient Data Automatic insertion of patient demographics.
Customized Forms Allows to work in the most efficient manner.
Patient History Allows document cloning based on previous documents
Digital recorder support Use of special hand-held recorders for later playback and transcription by the computer. An assistant can correct and proof read.
Batch mode operation Allows dictation of multiple documents at once. An assistant can later proof read and file the documents
Time-Saving Macros Create intuitive speech commands that automate complex tasks, such as filling out forms and inserting boilerplate text.
Deferred Dictation and Correction NEW: Saves speech files.
Easy to learn and use Seamless integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

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