Philips SpeechMike 5274

Philips SpeechMike

Philips SpeechMike 5274 is $249

This is the microphone that CompuTALK recommends!  It’s comfortable, convenient and provides the best quality voice input tested. The huge advantage of a hand held is that there is nothing attached to your head. It is more natural for doctors, lawyers and professional people to pick it up when they want to dictate and put it down when they are done. If the phone rings it is a single button press under the SpeechMike that turns the Dragon NaturallySpeaking microphone on or off. The programmable buttons on top make it easy to delete letters, tab and other buttons can be set to do other tasks.

Enjoy Flexibility
The SpeechMike Pro 5274 is simple, yet complete.  The convenient push buttons enables you to manage dictations, and the lightweight ergonomic design lies comfortably in your hand – even during longer dictation sessions.

The scroll wheel allows you to navigate through files on your PC, while the dustproof optical trackball offers unparalleled navigation accuracy. Excellent sound quality ensures crystal clear playback, and built-in microphone is ideal with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.

Push Button Control
The convenient push buttons allow for easy one handed operation when dictating. Buttons include Record, Play/Stop, End of Letter, Insert/Overwrite, Fast Rewind, and Fast Forward.  Be sure to install and setup the microphone properly by going to our SpeechMike Instructions and Setup page.

Ergonomic Design
Ideal for single handed use and for both right and left hand users.

Scroll Wheel & Trackball
The integrated scroll wheel and dust proof optical trackball enables users to precisely navigate through Windows® applications and the Internet while dictating.

Built-In Microphone and Speaker
Superb sound quality, ideal for speech recognition and audio feedback for private listening.
Package Contents:

  • SpeechMike Pro
  • Hanging Bracket
  • Driver Software CD

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