CompuTALK Personal Training

CompuTALK Dragon Training

Though we have the SpeakEASY DVD as a very affordable training tool, it really should be thought of as supplimental to personal training.  With personal training Jim is able to setup, advise, and solve problems before the user reaches the frustration stage.  Speech recognition is different than learning a new word processing program or new database.  It is more like learning a new skill. 

Though you know how to talk you are not familiar with how to dictate into a computer.  More at issue is you do not know how to set up your microphone and computer in such as way that you are comfortable and efficient the first day of using the program.  Jim will help you in every step so that you have a successful experience and will use the program with joy and excitement. 

We provide personal on-to-one training, small class-room style training or training and support over the internet and telephone.  Jim can see your computer over the internet while talking to you over the phone.  This is a very efficient form of training because it can be done in 1 hour segments instead of two or more hour segments for personal training. 

Jim offers personal training for $125 per hour.   If he travels outside of Madison, WI there may be a travel charge. 

Call (608) 233-5556 for setting up personal training with Jim as your instructor.