Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional helps people with disabilities?

Disabled with Dragan

People with physical disabilities will likely use speech recognition for the rest of their lives.  In that circumstance it makes sense to invest in the program that will help them be the most productive and efficient.

Depending on the severity of the disability some people would require the Professional version in order to fully control the computer.  But anyone who needs to reduce stress to their limbs will greatly benefit from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional’s ability to voice control most any computer action.

The single most predominant benefit for using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is its ability to be customized through macros.  Any action that can be done with the keyboard can be reproduced with a macro.  Fortunately thousands of custom macros have been produced into a set.  The CompuTALK Custom Macros are $195 for the set.  Here are more examples of the CompuTALK macro set.

Using the CompuTALK macros gives a giant boost toward enabling people to use the computer hands-free. The CompuTALK macros is a set of preprogrammed commands that help people work faster.  The easier-to-remember commands are also a giant step toward helping people overcome frustration with using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The Professional Edition gives users the full capability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The additional features are tools that solve problems and improve efficiency.

The Professional, Medical and Legal Suites also come with these features:

  • Delayed Editing. This feature will save the audio with the text file.  One may edit later or have support staff do the editing.  This is a huge time savings.  No longer do people need to do all their own editing.  Just dictate the text and have the support staff review the document and edit it right in Microsoft Word!
  • Use of Multiple Vocabularies. A user could have one vocabulary designed for medicine and another vocabulary for personal use.  A single user could also have various-sized vocabularies.
  • Roaming User. This allows users to keep their user profile updated from any networked computer.  The profile could be on a network drive or a single computer’s drive that is accessible to the other computers.
  • Custom Macros. Though it is mentioned above, I must stress again the importance of custom macros.  These macros are easier to remember and they solve problems.  This is the main feature that helps people use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with success and satisfaction.
  • Specialty Vocabularies for Legal and Medical Suites. These vocabularies are optimized for their specialties.   Accuracy is everything.  The right vocabulary will do the best job.

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  1. Bobbi Johnson, MS, OTR says:

    Hi Jim, I am an occupational therapist at the waisman center here in madison wi. I am working with a 17 year old bright high school student from Lodi WI who has cerbral palsy and a significant vision impairment. His goal is to go to a university after graduating. But he has very little technology in place. His parents have asked me to help get this student as independent as possible. He has successfully completed the training portion of Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred vs 10 and has some luck with it but not great. I am not any where near the expert in voice recognition so am hoping we can tap into your services.

    My questions for you are: Do you work with school systems via a contract or other means that might help support this student? Do you have experience with ZoomText screen magnification or able to assist with macros for this software? Could we set up a series of 1:1 training where the parents or school could pay you to see the student with me here at the clinic?

    I know these are fairly abstract questions, I’m just trying to get a better understanding of what options might be available to help this student be a better user of Dragon as I am mildly out of my elements in that area (I typically work with students who are non-verbal and use computers to talk for them).

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

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