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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a Productivity Tool

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Versions Compared

SpeakEASY Online Training for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Why purchase the professional products?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11

Today there are a variety of NaturallySpeaking versions to choose from.  There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical with its many specialty vocabularies for the various medical fields.  There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11 which also offers a specialty vocabulary and the ability to dictate legal citations.   There is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 whose features are also part of the Medical and Legal versions.   Medical, Professional and Legal is for anyone who is serious about using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to become more efficient in their work.  Anyone who creates word processing documents and email will greatly benefit from Medical,  Legal or  Professional version 11!

What is the difference between the professional programs (including Professional, Medical and Legal) vs Premium which is only $199?  Answer: it’s the power to perform amazing feats with a single phrase.   Custom commands have the power to produce amazingly efficient documents.

Learn more about macros with the video below:

There are several other features but this is the most significant one for most users.   Using the professional grade programs one could use  custom macros to navigate the screen very quickly, change the format of the document and edit the text with simple two word, easy to remember commands.   A second major feature only available in the professional programs is called Delayed Edit.  It is the ability to dictate the document, save it and return another day to edit the document.  The reason this works so well is because the dictated audio remains connected to the text.  For those who don’t have the time to do their own editing this feature allows for an efficient way for the support staff to check it over and complete the editing!  Simply save the file, and make it available to the staff via network and the staff will not only see the text but have access to the audio (caution: there are a couple of settings for this feature that must be turned on).

Learn more about Delayed Edit with the video below:

There are a variety of other advantages to the professional programs.  Learn more about the features of each program by going HERE.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional helps people with disabilities?

Disabled with Dragan

People with physical disabilities will likely use speech recognition for the rest of their lives.  In that circumstance it makes sense to invest in the program that will help them be the most productive and efficient.

Depending on the severity of the disability some people would require the Professional version in order to fully control the computer.  But anyone who needs to reduce stress to their limbs will greatly benefit from Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional’s ability to voice control most any computer action.

The single most predominant benefit for using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is its ability to be customized through macros.  Any action that can be done with the keyboard can be reproduced with a macro.  Fortunately thousands of custom macros have been produced into a set.  The CompuTALK Custom Macros are $195 for the set.  Here are more examples of the CompuTALK macro set.

Using the CompuTALK macros gives a giant boost toward enabling people to use the computer hands-free. The CompuTALK macros is a set of preprogrammed commands that help people work faster.  The easier-to-remember commands are also a giant step toward helping people overcome frustration with using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The Professional Edition gives users the full capability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The additional features are tools that solve problems and improve efficiency.

The Professional, Medical and Legal Suites also come with these features:

  • Delayed Editing. This feature will save the audio with the text file.  One may edit later or have support staff do the editing.  This is a huge time savings.  No longer do people need to do all their own editing.  Just dictate the text and have the support staff review the document and edit it right in Microsoft Word!
  • Use of Multiple Vocabularies. A user could have one vocabulary designed for medicine and another vocabulary for personal use.  A single user could also have various-sized vocabularies.
  • Roaming User. This allows users to keep their user profile updated from any networked computer.  The profile could be on a network drive or a single computer’s drive that is accessible to the other computers.
  • Custom Macros. Though it is mentioned above, I must stress again the importance of custom macros.  These macros are easier to remember and they solve problems.  This is the main feature that helps people use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with success and satisfaction.
  • Specialty Vocabularies for Legal and Medical Suites. These vocabularies are optimized for their specialties.   Accuracy is everything.  The right vocabulary will do the best job.

©2007 Jim Bendewald

NaturallySpeaking Bad Experiences

Frustrated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Have you ever wanted to scream?  If you have used Dragon in the past I would bet that you have!  I see it all the time during training as people get frustrated.  But screeming into the computer does not help the recognition accuracy!  You can bet on that.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who have had more than a little bit of  bad experience using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Possibly you are one such person or know someone who has had a bad experience.  There are many issues involved here and so I would like to discuss a few of them on this page.

Recently I was training one of my clients.  She told me about her friend who had used Dragon NaturallySpeaking previously; someone who had tried it for a while and then gave up on it.  Because of this story my client was apprehensive about whether Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 10 would really work for her or not.

I assured her that with the training she was receiving she would greatly benefit from using “NatSpeak”, as some people like to call it.  While working with NatSpeak on her own she experienced some errors that repeated often and this frustrated her.  In a succeeding training session I learned of the repeating errors and showed her how to resolve the problem using the Vocabulary Editor built into Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Seeing this work so well gave her more confidence.   I also continued to work with her to help her learn to correct properly.  Correcting properly is essential for resolving recognition errors and helping the program to “learn” and not repeat errors.

Because my client works with a lot of medical terminology her employer soon upgraded her to the Medical Suite which greatly improved her recognition accuracy.  She also took my advice to have her employer purchase a Philips SpeechMike.  This microphone helped her to relax and her accuracy continued to improve.

Recently, I was speaking with her and she told me that she uses the program constantly now.  It has become her regular source of word processing input.  She loves the Dragon Medical Suite and raves about the Philips SpeechMike too.

My client’s friend who had given up using Dragon NaturallySpeaking had never received training and was instead given a “sink or swim” situation.  She “sank” because she became frustrated and did not have the training to help her resolve the efficiency issues.  Though there are people who are able to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking on their own they likely will not make use of such fundamental features as Vocabulary Editor and how to correct in the most efficient manor.  They likely won’t know about Sample Commands,  which provides a very helpful list of commands one can use.

Too often Dragon NaturallySpeaking is tried discarded as not making the grade.  But when someone is there to resolve the issues quickly the program quickly takes  on new status as no longer an experimental toy but is instead an efficiency tool.  The difference comes down to personal support and training.

CompuTALK offers personal training, both in person, and over the Internet.  In addition, we provide an inexpensive training solution through the SpeakEASY DVD.  This complete training program is a great way to get started on the right path.  But as a caution, CompuTALK does not recommend that a new user rely upon the training DVD as their sole source of training.  CompuTALK strongly recommends that people invest three or more hours into personal training.  As the new user gets helped with Dragon NaturallySpeaking issues quickly then they will confidently use it every day.

©2007 Jim Bendewald

The SpeakEASY Training Program

Doug Livingston, received assistance through the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.  Now he not only has the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program, he received personal training for how to use it. Check out this video:

The SpeakEASY DVD has now been fully updated!  It now has 30 short chapters covering 72 minutes in total length.  All the video and screen shots have been reshot and edited specifically for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.  As in version 10, the SpeakEASY version 11 includes the QuickNotes and QuickMacros booklets.  Now the SpeakEASY Professional 11 is available with significant additional content and value.   Watch the video to learn about all the new features.

This video promotes the macro capability found in NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical and Legal.

Move the mouse pointer off the video window so the whole window is displayed.

The following video is a promotional ad only 2 minutes long.   If you would like it for your website you can have it with your contact information inserted with a purchase of 10 copies of the SpeakEASY DVD and/or SpeakEASY Professional.

Move the mouse pointer off the video window so the whole window is displayed.

The fact is many professionals just don’t have the time to edit and correct. So they use recorders and telephones and pay big money for transcription. We can show them a better way by demonstrating the various uses of the Delayed Edit feature.  It is a feature that is only available in Dragon NaturallySpeaking versions Professional, Medical and Legal.

Check out this video for encouraging customers to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical and Legal. 

Move the mouse pointer off the video window so the whole window is displayed. 

SpeakEASY Training:

Thank you for taking the time to review these training programs.  Below you will find two videos.  The first is for the SpeakEASY DVD and the second for SpeakEASY Professional.   Good-quality training is such an important aspect of a successful Dragon NaturallySpeaking experience.   Please consider making the following programs a part of your training offerings.

Check out this fun video for customers using any version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

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Review this video for advantages to using  the SpeakEASY Professional.

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Below is an introduction to the SpeakEASY Professional 11

Below is an introduction to the SpeakEASY DVD 11

If Dragon 11 is so easy to use why do you need a training program?  It is easy to use when you know how.  It is easy to see other people dictating an email, navigating the web, correcting as they go but they know the commands.   By the way, what is a command?  What do you do if you want to change some words around?  How do you introduce a phrase with proper punctuation?  Suppose you want to search the computer for a file, how do you do that?  How about formatting, navigating, capitalizing, deleting, bolding and other editing.  The SpeakEASY DVD shows you how to do all of that and much more.  See the following video on version 11.

The shooting of this version includes a young lady (Shae), a college student who knew nothing about Dragon NaturallySpeaking prior to us doing this project.   You can learn along with Shay how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 effectively.   Shae and I appear on the cover of the DVD jacket.

For more video watch the ad for SpeakEASY DVD 10 below.

But there is more!  There is the new product SpeakEASY HD which is a Blu-ray version of the SpeakEASY program plus it includes the complete set of CompuTALK custom macros which alone are worth $195.  In addition, is video based training for how to install and use the custom macros.   Even more, the program includes the advanced training video found in the SpeakEASY DVD 10.   The CompuTALK macros are amazingly important shortcuts for easy editing, deleting, capitolizing, formatting, navigation and more.  The CompuTALK custom Macros normally sell for $195 alone.  Now combined with the SpeakEASY HD the whole package is $199.95.  To learn more about the custom macros go HERE.    Be aware the macros only work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical or Legal versions.

SpeakEASY version 10 content:
The SpeakEASY DVD is a training program for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10.  The program covers the basics through the advanced features of creating macros, templates and lists. Also included is What’s New in Version 10. The SpeakEASY DVD will save you time and a great deal of frustration as you learn to properly dictate, correct, format, delete, select text by voice and much more.

The DVD provides 2 hours of video introductions, text screens and screen captures that demonstrate how to perform the topic. Most topics are about two to four minutes. The topics are designed to be easy to understand and remember.

Included are the two booklets: QuickNotes and QuickMacros, a $30 value. QuickNotes is a quick reference of Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands for a variety of programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Explorer and much more. If you want to know what commands are available for navagating through Microsoft Outlook just look on the page for Outlook commands. It is an exceedly helpful tool included as a PDF document. QuickMacros is a booklet designed to help the user create custom commands for themselves.  It provides examples that are easy to follow and begins with the simplest commands and moves on toward the more complex. This is an excellent tool that suppliments the video material in sections II & III.

The tables below lists the topics covered in three sections.

Section I
The Basics

Microphone Vocabulary Editor
Dictation Numbers Dialog
Utterance Navigation
Commands Formatting Text
Correction Selecting Text
Deletion Getting Help
Sample Commands Buttons & Menus
Capitalization Dictation Box

Section II
Setup & Accuracy

Vocabulary Editor

Section III
Macros & Beyond

Text & Graphics Macros
Text Templates
Creating Lists for Macros
Step by Step Macros
Advanced Scripting

Jim Bendewald, the instructor, is a certified Nuance Value Added Reseller. He has been training people in speech recognition programs since 1995 and a certified Dragon reseller and trainer since 1996.

There is no other training program for Dragon NaturallySpeaking that is as simple, effective and complete as the SpeakEASY DVD.

Call (608) 233-5556 to order your copy for only $99.


By Daniel C. Martin
SpeakEasy (DVD for Dragon NaturallySpeaking training with SpeakEASY DVD 10), (c)2007, by Jim Bendewald is a well organized and excellent introduction packed into a 2 hour presentation. It is easy to follow and to understand. The additional files (QuickNotes.pdf, QuickMacros.pdf, cheatsheet.doc, cheatsheet.rtf) were unexpected bonuses. Those bonus files alone were worth the purchase price.  Jim Bendewald is available for one-on-one education, contact him through his web site.


As an alternate to face-to-face training, the SpeakEasy DVD offers a well-paced introduction to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 suitable for professional clients. –Larry Allen, Softnet Systems, Inc.


Mr. Bendewald has done a remarkable job of distilling the essential elements for learning to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and put them in an easy-to-manage lesson-based training DVD. I found this information concise and easy to follow, and the illustrative examples very beneficial. The information on how to create macros should be a primer in everybody’s NaturallySpeaking library. –Edward Rosenthal, Next Generation Technologies, Inc.


The QuickNotes and QuickMacros booklets are worth the price of the product alone. The SpeakEASY DVD is fresh and weighty. Every chapter is neceassary and hits the target. –Ronald Thompson, Adaptive Solutions, Inc.


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