History of Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Dragon Dictate

Jim Bendewald, the owner of CompuTALK has been supporting, and delivering Dragon NaturallySpeaking products since 1996.  In those early years the primary market was with those with disabilities.  Dragon allowed the physically disabled to not only dictate text but also control and navigate about the computer.  In the early years leading up to 1997 the dictation was done as “discrete speech”, meaning dictating — one — word — at — a — time.   It was pretty slow and inaccurate but for those who really needed it, the program was the great equalizer enabling the disabled to go back to work and lead more productive lives.   As computers got faster the software got better.  In 1997 continuous speech recognition was introduced.   It won numerous awards and was expected to quickly change the way people worked on their computers.

Version 2 came with the Deluxe Edition including custom macros.

Though version 1 of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program was vastly more accurate and faster than Dragon Dictate (discrete speech) it was limited in its use.  It was not able to be customized with macros, a hallmark of the Dragon software.  It had limited vocabulary and the computers it ran on were still very slow compared to today’s standards.   Fast forward 13 years to 2010 and we now have version 10 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  We now have computers with dual and quad cores, running much more RAM than computer users in 1997 even dreamed of having on their hard drive much less for RAM!

So it is a different world today.  With version 10 there are a variety of versions to choose from.  There is medical with its many specialty vocabularies for the various medical fields.  There is legal which also offers the legal specialty vocabulary and the ability to dictate legal citations.   There is professional whose features are also part of the Medical and Legal versions.   Professional is for anyone who is serious about using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to become more efficient in their work.  Anyone who creates word processing documents and email will greatly benefit from Professional!  To know why the professional products are so helpful go HERE.