• Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11

    One of the greatest efficiency tools for Lawyers is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal version 11. Complete your work in record time using custom templates. With Delayed Edit support staff can polish and edit the documents. James Studio will show you how either personally or online.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a Productivity Tool

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the premiere speech recognition program in the world. Use it to complete your work more quickly with speech recognition accuracy that will amaze you. What’s more you can do your corrections later with the Delayed Edit feature.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a Productivity Tool
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Versions Compared

    Which of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking products is right for you? Check out our page for helping you know which product to buy.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Versions Compared
  • SpeakEASY Online Training for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    Make your experience with Dragon Naturallyspeaking a one that you can rave about. Try out our new online training service, offering several options to meet your needs!

    SpeakEASY Online Training for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The history of Dragon

Dragon Dictate

  Jim Bendewald, the owner of CompuTALK has been supporting, and delivering Dragon NaturallySpeaking products since 1996.  In those early years the primary market was with those with … [Read More...]

NaturallySpeaking Bad Experiences

Frustrated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Have you ever wanted to scream?  If you have used Dragon in the past I would bet that you have!  I see it all the time during training as people get frustrated.  But screeming into the computer does … [Read More...]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional helps people with disabilities?

Disabled with Dragan

People with physical disabilities will likely use speech recognition for the rest of their lives.  In that circumstance it makes sense to invest in the program that will help them be the most productive and … [Read More...]